Jordi Masdeu Studio – Creative Business.

Client: Out of China
Type of work: Art direction and graphics
Photos: Enric Badrinas
Branding: Outro Studio
Realization: 2020​​​​​
Out of China is located in the heart of Barcelona’s Eixample district. A blue neon with the restaurant’s name stands out of the main entrance. Inside, fine lamps illuminate the tables and cast their light on the oriental motifs. The waiters settle the guests in a bustling but elegant dining room while subtle music bathes the environment recalling the cosmopolitan Shanghai of the 1940s. Founded in 2002, Out of China offers a pioneering and inclusive Chinese menu that harmonizes traditional dishes with contemporary flavours, exotic aromas with local ingredients. In other words, Out of China balances masterfully the old world with the new one respecting the ancient Chinese culinary techniques.